Trigger Spray Technology for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Environments


Designed with exclusive packaging and technology to increase the efficiency and the sustainability of your business, ClearKlens® IPA Airless & IPA Pouch sterile solutions for cleanroom disinfection contain 70% Isopropyl Alcohol blended with 30% USP grade water for injection (WFI).



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Discover the benefits of the unique flat-when-empty packaging to significantly reduce waste disposal costs


  • ClearKlens® IPA Airless allows 87% reduction in waste disposal costs in comparison to aerosol cans thanks to using 5 times less volume, 3 times less weight and no product being left in the bottle
  • ClearKlens® IPA Pouch requires 93.3% less volume when compared to a 5 liter canister and its packaging weight is 97.3% less



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Boost safety with outstanding packaging design and technology


  • The exclusive airless system ensures no suck back through the spray head
  • The ergonomic design reduces the risk of injury and enables consistent spraying at all angles
  • The hermetic system guarantees total sterility control with no contamination from the surrounding environment



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Strengthen your brand with highly sustainable solutions


  • Constructed from recyclable materials
  • Compliant with relevant regulations for pharmaceutical use