Quat-Free Open Plant Cleaning Products

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Quat-Free, Non-Tainting, Broad-Spectrum Biocidal Convenience


The Divosan Sani range has been developed to meet the ever more stringent regulatory requirements of the food processing industry. In particular, reflecting that more customer groups and countries are limiting the use of quaternary ammonium compounds (QAC) in food production facilities due to the introduction of more stringent residue controls. This includes the implementation of MRL (maximum residues level) in Europe for dimethyl didecyl ammonium chloride (DDAC) and benzalkonium chloride (BAC) – which has been redefined to 0.1 mg/kg.


Divosan SaniSigma and Divosan SaniPerfect


Divosan SaniSigma and Divosan SaniPerfect are two new quat-free detergent/terminal disinfectants for open plant cleaning applications in the food, beverage and dairy industries. The Divosan Sani range of disinfectants are food safe and deliver improved performance measured against traditional formulations available for hard surface disinfection – both for food contact and non-food contact surfaces


The Sani range offers the confidence of an effective non-tainting alternative to QAC based formulations. It also provides operators with the convenience of an effective broad-spectrum solution which exceeds the current industry benchmark, as well as the convenience of having one product to clean and disinfect which saves significant time and effort.


Divosan SaniSigma


  • Divosan SaniSigma is a new quat-free terminal disinfectant for Open Plant Cleaning
  • Divosan SaniSigma is supported under the BPR for cleaning and disinfecting applications
  • Divosan SaniSigma is M&S approved
  • One product to clean and disinfect – saves time and effort
  • Effective cleaner - removes grease and dried-on soil
  • Broad spectrum terminal disinfectant even at low temperature
  • Suitable for use in soft or hard water
  • Non-taint


Divosan SaniPerfect


  • Open plant cleaning applications in food, beverage and dairy industries
  • QAC-free detergent disinfectant
  • Delivers broad efficacy at a very attractive cost in use