Sustainability Report

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Diversey has always valued environmental stewardship as an effective business strategy.


Eliminating waste in our operations and becoming more efficient with resources across all Diversey facilities drives environmental progress and financial return on investment. Additionally, our commitment to the environment extends beyond our operations. We also capitalize on the opportunity to reduce waste, conserve water, and save energy in our customers' facilities by delivering innovations focused on sustainability. Our approach to product design also leads us upstream, where we look at the source of the materials in our products to ensure safety and environmental stewardship across the value chain.

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The commitment to sustainability within Diversey is evident in our sustainability reports dating back to 2004. We have also demonstrated a track record of achievement recognized in our partnerships with WWF and Climate Savers, leadership with the Carbon Disclosure Project, assistance with the Alliance for Water Stewardship, the Asean Corporate Sustainability Award, and many other achievements. 

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As we look to the future, sustainability will remain integral to our business, our employees, and the innovations we bring to market. The environmental challenges facing the world today must be addressed by leading corporations willing to transform their industries with efficiency, technology, and sustainable practices. Diversey will continue its sustainability journey with an eye towards positive social, environmental, and economic improvement.

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